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Q: When is the best time to harvest hemp?

I’ve read and heard a few different things. I own a farm in Maine and there seems to be an endless amount of opinions. Does anyone have some helpful experience from their hemp harvest?

asked Oct 2 '19 by mike_KS365

Nobody has figured out the harvesting process yet. If they’ve told you they have, they’re lying. We found it was helpful to keep a close eye on the THC levels and harvest when the plants were roughly sixteen weeks old and when the flowers are ripe and full of seeds. The real key is to make sure you’re drying the cuts properly so they don’t mold.

answered Oct 4 '19 by bill_NC186

Look for seeds. Once you see them grouping around the leaves, it’s probably time. Be careful not to wait too long into the season because the fibers were too coarse and much harder to sell. It really depends on your plants. There’s probably not a straight answer but I have a processor come and gauge it for their needs. Also, some states require the department of ag to test and make sure it’s below .03.

answered Oct 3 '19 by mike_KY955

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