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Q: What equipment is needed to farm hemp?

My family grows cotton in Texas and talking about trying hemp. Not sure what all is needed?

asked Oct 7 '19 by ryan_WA326

There is not a ton of difference between hemp and other farming. Most equipment is the same even if you see it labeled something specific at hemp expos. It’s all the same. Bed shapers, mulch layers, tractors. Stuff like that. There are some different growing needs but most farming outfits can easily change over depending on your land and climate.

answered Oct 8 '19 by brian_TN964

The planting can use equipment you probably already have on your property. But when you harvest, there are a lot of options depending on if you’re drying in the field, using machinery, or selling it immediately and flash freeze it.

answered Oct 8 '19 by justin_IN168

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