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Q: What are the pros and cons to autoflowering hemp genetics?

I grew hemp last year and heard about something called autoflowering. Has anyone tried one of these varieties?

asked Sep 23 '19 by mike_KY955

The cannabis plant is diverse and genetically flexible. So there are ongoing improvements so new options will continue to enter the market. But for right now, here are the pros and cons. PRO: Rapid harvest and flowering times, plants are small and compact, no change to photoperiod required. CONS: The options of strains are limited, the energy use (lighting) can be high (expensive), they typically have lower cannabinoid profiles.

answered Oct 2 '19 by james_OR551

Hemp is a day-length sensitive plant, so it flowers as the days get shorter. A 13-hour day length is close to the threshold for flowering and maturity. For auto-flowering, it is less concerned with day length and rather follows time since planted.

answered Oct 8 '19 by ken_MN260

Ken, I actually learned that ‘full-season’ plants are photo-sensitive and their flowering cycle is triggered by the duration of darkness, not the duration light. A nerdy nuance. And your right. Auto flower varieties basically start a countdown (typically 75-90 days) from the point of germination and finish out, even in the middle of summer. The big advantage is control over harvest date(s) and avoiding poor weather conditions in the fall.

answered Oct 17 '19 by eric_OR883

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