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Q: What are healthy building materials?

Never heard of them until I checked out this site. How do these differ from regular building materials?

asked Oct 30 '19 by mike_KY955

It’s pretty crazy once you read into them. Most homes have toxic materials in the building materials but we assume since we’re not physically digesting them, we’re ok. Turns out that is wrong based on modern research. There are trillions of tiny particles that get released from things like paint or gas fumes - which is now proven to be toxic when ingested over time, simply by breathing them in! Healthy building materials use sustainable practices to make sure that sort of thing does not happen. I.e. paint that uses lime (natural) versus acrylic (toxic). I’ve been surprised that it’s pretty much an identical final product but way better for my family’s health and the environment.

answered Oct 30 '19 by jess_IN217

Think of a baby that is crawling around and grabbing / touching everything. All of those times touching the walls or floor then putting hands in their mouth. It’s proven to have a direct impact on health over time.

answered Oct 30 '19 by chris_NY874

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