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Q: Is there a difference when growing hemp for CBD vs fiber?

I am hoping to experiment with growing hemp in Texas for the 2020 season, and seeing if it would be better to grow for CBD vs fiber. Trying to understand the differences?

asked Oct 1 '19 by jimmy_TX046

Before growing, I would be sure to review two things. First I would confirm a buyer. Second I would look at the types of genetics that are available to be grown in your area. It seems like Texas A&M has doing monthly updates on hemp in Texas. I am hoping to try out fiber next year.

answered Oct 5 '19 by patrick_TX465

The USA planted roughly 95% of its hemp for cannabinoids in 2019, and over 500,000 acres were planted. Cannabinoids hemp is grown as a specialty crop. While growing for grain and fiber is like growing a traditional field crop - planted with a cereal grain drill and harvested with a sickle mower and bailer or harvested with a regular combine. There is a big difference is also in the price of seeds. It’s around $1 per seed for cannabinoid focused strains, whereas $3-4 a pound (or 26,000 seeds) for seeds/fiber strains!

answered Oct 3 '19 by justin_TN930

Here is a great article that explains the differences pretty well:

answered Oct 2 '19 by erin_WI096

Also a big part is how many acres and what kind of equipment do you need. 2 costly questions

answered Oct 15 '19 by paul_KS334

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